Dominion MicroProbes Inc. (DMPI) designs and manufactures millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength on-wafer ground-signal ground probes and associated components for electrical measurement of devices and materials. DMPI is now partnering with Cascade Microtech as part of its MeasureOne™ Program to deliver leading-edge Terahertz probing solutions. As a result of this technology collaboration, Cascade Microtech has announced the introduction of the T-Wave™ Probe line of products that enable low loss on-wafer measurements from 140 GHz to 1.1 THz. DMPI is the sole manufacture of  the T-Wave probe line. The T-Wave probe line is distributed exclusively by Cascade Microtech. Please contact Cascade Microtech Inc. to learn more about purchase and repair of T-Wave probes.    
    While significant progress has been made in mm and submm wavelength circuit design and fabrication, the measurement infrastructure for characterizing such components remains largely undeveloped. Often testing requires dicing and mounting of individual devices to a fixture for measurement. Robust and calibrated on-wafer measurements significantly reduce the effort required to characterize a wafer of devices while increasing the accuracy of the measurement by eliminating errors and effects associated with fixtures. We have developed a scalable approach for the manufacture of microfabricated probes with low-insertion loss coupling to the DUT and DC biasing of probed circuits. The Si probe chip is mounted in a waveguide split block allowing for drop-in replacement of the probe chip without needing replacement of the entire block module. Our approach is scalable to well beyond 1THz and we have demonstrated wafer probes from WR5.1 [140-220 GHz] to WR1.0 [750-1100 GHz] with excellent results.    
    DMPI was founded in 2011 by professors Scott Barker (CEO), Arthur Lichtenberger (President and COO) and Robert Weikle (CTO) from the University of Virginia. Matt Bauwens (Senior Engineer) joined DMPI in 2013.    
    DMPI welcomes collaborations with other companies and research groups. In May of 2014, DMPI became the first MeasureOne partner with Cascase Microtech, Inc. DMPI and the founders also have a long history of collaboration with Virginia Diodes- both companies were spun out of the same University of Virginia Microfabrication Laboratory. DMPI is also currently in collaboration with Lakeshore Cryotonics, Swissto12, Virginia Diodes and the University of Virginia for the development of a THz cryogenic on wafer probing tool.  



A 1.1 THz Micromachined On-Wafer Probe   PDF
Characterization of Micromachined On-Wafer Probes for the 600 – 900 GHz Waveguide Band   PDF
Improved Micromachined Terahertz On-Wafer Probe Using Integrated Strain Sensor    
    Measurement Uncertainty Characterization of Terahertz Large Wafer Probing    
    A W-band Balun Integrated Probe with Common Mode Matching Network    
    Micromachining of Submillimeter-Wave Calibration Standards    
    Characterization of submillimeter-wave Schottky diodes in the 500–750 GHz band using micromachined on-wafer probes    
    Micromachined probes for on-wafer measurement of millimeter- and submillimeter-wave devices and components    
    An Experimental Technique for Calibration Uncertainty Analysis    
    Integrated strain sensor for micromachined terahertz on-wafer probe    
    Improved Micromachined Terahertz On-Wafer Probe Using Integrated Strain Sensor    
    A Terahertz Micromachined On-Wafer Probe for WR-1.2 Waveguide   PDF
    Terahertz Micromachined On-Wafer Probes: Repeatability and Reliability    
    Micromachined probes for on-wafer characterization of terahertz and submillimeter-wave components    
    A Micromachined Terahertz Waveguide 90 degree Twist    
    Micromachined Probes for Submillimeter-Wave On-Wafer Measurements—Part I: Mechanical Design and Characterization    
    Micromachined Probes for Submillimeter-Wave On-Wafer Measurements—Part II: RF Design and Characterization    
    Terahertz micromachined on-wafer probes: Repeatability and robustness    
    Calibration accuracy of a 625 GHz on-wafer probe    
    Micromachined on-wafer probes    






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